Monday, July 28, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 5

So here's the thing.

I had a massive fail of a week.

So massive and so fail that I'm not even gonna bother recapping my week. It's not that I did my workouts and they sucked, it's that I didn't get most of them done at all. I was feeling under the weather on Monday and Tuesday, so I took it easy. It was also bachelorette party week for my best friend, and as her MOH, I was in charge of the planning. I had a ton of work to do and some stupid drama to take care of, which was enough of a hassle. Of course, Saturday was completely off for the bachelorette party. And to top off the perfect week, I had stomach problems all day Sunday. Oh and the hardware on my freaking phone randomly died and my phone needs to be completely replaced. Which is not a huge deal, except for the 1000+ pictures I just lost forever...

I know I'm making excuses and I shouldn't be, but I'm just sad that I didn't have a good week. I barely got to work out, I had a lot of stress which led to no sleep, my PCOS symptoms have been spiraling out of control lately, and I have just been feeling crappy in general.

As bad as this week was, I think the bachelorette party went pretty well! We all had a great time, so I count it as a success. Not to mention that this party was the source of most of the stress I had. I'm grateful that the pressure is off.

Right now, it's Monday night and I'm still feeling pretty shaky stomach-wise, but I pushed through my 3 miles this evening and felt okay. This is exactly the reason why I allowed myself 2 extra weeks! I'm behind, but it's nothing I can't bounce back from. Anyways, I'm ready to shake it off and have an epic comeback!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 4

Monday: 3 miles
12:13, 12:47, 12:28 (37:38)

Another 3 miles. I'm kinda happy about this run! Considering my 5k PR is 38:05, this is definitely promising!

Tuesday: 40 mins ST
Leg press - chest press - tricep extension - shoulder press - leg extension - seated leg curl - bicep curl

I took off work to spend the day with my best friend and do wedding planning stuff with her, so I made sure to get up early and get my workout in! I am NOT a morning person and usually can't be persuaded to get my ass out of bed early if I don't absolutely have to, so I'm proud that I did it! I had the fitness center all to myself- it was quite nice.

Wednesday: 40 mins XT
walking, 2 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: 8 x 200
56, 54, 56, 59, 60, 59, 58, 56

I ran a warm-up mile with the kids at work and went to the track in town after my shift. Jeff had to work all night, so I was missing my running partner. My times were generally faster than the last time I did this workout, but it felt a lot harder to do. Also, I know I'm not supposed to run so fast on these splits, but I like to! My average mile is 13:00-ish and my speedwork "pace" is something like 8:00. My body seems okay doing it, so... there's that.

Saturday: rest

I'm trying to keep my long runs as close to the same day as possible, and so far, I'm failing! I wanted my long runs to be Thursday, but things keep coming up and I end up having to do them on the weekends. Which is fine, because school is going to be starting up soon and I'll have to switch it anyways.

Sunday: easy 6 miles
13:39, 13:23, 13:19, 13:04, 12:44, 12:13, 2:16 (0.2) = 1:20:38

I did this on the treadmill because it was super muggy out today and I wanted to make sure I had negative splits. I had a bad night's sleep last night so it was a bit of a struggle and felt like I was running for an eternity! Regardless, my pace was spot on and I decided to make it an even 10k so I could say I PR'd my 10k time. And now I'm exhausted.

I don't really have anything major to add for this week. It was honestly pretty uneventful. I can't decide whether I'm just getting into a groove and getting used to my training plan or running has just become boring. Either way, no drama is good drama. Or something like that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 3

Monday: 3 miles
13:04, 12:47, 12:31  (38:22)

I canceled Running Club for the day due to thunderstorms and thus didn't get any running in at work. It was still raining when I got home, so I went to the treadmill. I almost prefer the TM because I can keep a steady pace and control how much I'm increasing my speed. Also I can watch TV.

Tuesday: 30 mins ST
Leg press - chest press - tricep extension - shoulder press - leg extension - seated leg curl - bicep curl

Felt like lifting today instead of doing stuff at home, so Jeff and I did our usual routine there. I noticed that I'm increasing the weight on some of the machines, so that's promising! Also, I'm not as sore as I was the first time we went.

Wednesday: 30 mins XT
walking: 3.03 mi  (55:19)

I was in the mood to go for a walk today! The weather was perfect and I wanted to listen to the first part of the If I Stay audiobook to see if I want to read it. I ended up getting sucked in and walked the length of the bike path in town.

Thursday: rest

It was a busy day, so I moved my long run to Saturday. :(

Friday: rest

I was unable to do my speedwork today due to poor planning on my part and work. However, I had a great time at the tribe game and it was a beautfiul night! Disappointed I didn't get that speedwork in, but it was a fantastic evening!

Saturday: 5 miles
13:57, 13:58, 14:00, 13:50, 13:28   (1:09:13)

Did these miles on the treadmill again and it went much better than my previous long runs. Well first off, I drank multiple Nuuns both yesterday and today. The calf cramping was nowhere near what it was the past 2 weeks, so I'm happy.

Sunday: rest

Without the speedwork, it seems to me like I didn't do anything this week, even though I know I did well on all of my other workouts. Overall, I feel like I'm doing fine, so I'm trying not to let my quasi-fail of a week get the best of me. Now that summer is picking up, I'm also getting much busier. Some days, I'm even doubling up on events and driving across the state and back. It's clear that I need to plan for schedule changes and work around it.

I know it probably seems like I'm making such a big deal about training for a half marathon, but I am not a competitive or athletic person and I need to build my strength and stay motivated enough to get there. A couple years ago, I couldn't run longer than 2 consecutive minutes and now I can easily run a 5K at a moment's notice. Once I get the mileage built up, I think it'll be much easier to prepare for future half marathons and longer races in general.

Short story long, thanks for the support and always asking how my training is going! It makes a huge difference knowing that people are on your side and are rooting for you.