Monday, March 30, 2015

Medina Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Alright, week 3! Training is 25% over with already!

Here's what I did this week:

3 miles: Easy miles done on the treadmill. I've gotten into this terrible habit of watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix when I'm running and have almost fallen off the treadmill in laughter. I'm starting to screen the episodes with my husband and then re-watch them on the TM. For my own safety.

3 miles: Again on the TM with Kimmy Schmidt. Today's episode was the "Pinot Noir" song. Seriously can't stop laughing.

5 miles: Oh, sorry. Did you want to read about my training and not an awesome Netflix show? I did 5 miles at a huge park south of town, and it was really fun. The path was smooth and flat, and there was basically nobody there! It was, however, super windy, and I had to run right into the wind for the first 2 miles! At least I got a break when I turned around to come back!

Buckeye Woods in Medina. Taken just before a beaver jumped out and gave me a heart attack.
My phone was about to die at 4.8 miles, so I stopped it to save the workout and finished the last 0.2 miles without it.
So a pretty good week! Missed out on a third 3-miler, but I'm so happy with my long run, I think I'll live. In other news, I took the leap and bought myself a Fitbit Flex on Saturday! I had been planning on getting a GPS running watch for a while, but I couldn't find one that I liked. Initially I was looking for an all-in-one device like my husband's new Microsoft Band, which tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep, has a heart rate monitor, and acts as a GPS watch for running and other activities. I tried his on and it felt like I was wearing a handcuff, so that was out. I found a Garmin watch that did everything I wanted it to, but I didn't like the idea of wearing that particular watch all day every day. Rather than be kinda happy with one, I decided to be totally happy with two separate devices for about the same price. My Flex is small and light enough to wear all the time, but I will soon have a Garmin watch so I don't have to use my huge phone all the time. And my info from my GPS watch will sync to my Fitbit, so... bonus!

Hello, ghost skin.
So here's to Week 4 and an overly active week playing with my new Fitbit!

PS: Pi Day 5K recap will be up soon, I swear! I have to put up my April Monthly Goals post this week first!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Medina Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Week 2! It wasn't as... complete as I wanted it to be, but I at least got my "long" run done!

I felt super overloaded and busy again coming back after Spring Break. Although this was my last week at work, I felt like those last 5 days just dragged. School assignments unfortunately took priority and caused me to skip one or two short weekday runs. My long run felt fine though. I'm not heartbroken.

Here's what I did accomplish:

3 miles: Outside! The weather was beautiful, but my legs were really bad. Hydration and poor warm-ups are my enemy! It got better as I went along though, and it's always good training to run outside, especially with Medina's silly hills.

4 miles: Since it has been a while, I decided to build up long run mileage from the start again. This is why 4 miles was my "long"run this week. I had to run on the treadmill because it got really cold again. But I was able to find a really good, comfortable pace and zone out for a while, which is nice every once in a while.

My goal for next week is to complete ALL the runs since I skipped out a little bit this week. I will actually have time to get them all done, so NO EXCUSES. Also, I need to continue the goal of better hydration, i.e. more water! I bought a brand new Nuun this week and it was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted, so now I have to go back and get one I can stomach.

Here's to a new and hopefully more successful training week!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Medina Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Yes I made that design. Because adorable bee.

Well, here we are... training for half marathon #2 has begun! I mentioned before that I started out doing WAY too much last time and vowed to stick to a very simple plan. Even though it's only been a week, I already feel like I'm doing the right thing here.

So, Week #1 was the easing-in week. I haven't run regularly in quite some time, so I knew it was going to take some work to get back up to where I was last summer/fall. Otherwise, I feel good about this first week that I ran more than like, 3 miles total.

Monday: 3 miles easy, 5 strides (100m)
I really didn't want to do strides on the treadmill, but it was still snowy and icy out. I basically just set the speed I wanted, accelerated with it, jumped off when I hit 100m, and pushed the stop button to reset. It served its purpose, but I want to do some outside!

Wednesday: 2 miles tempo
Not much to say here. I pushed myself a little bit, but it was still relatively comfortable. Knowing this is Week #1 and I was running a race on Saturday, I tried to take it easy on the mileage. Got a chance to watch some Netflix on my iPad.

Friday: 1 mile shakeout
I went a little too fast on this one, but I knew it was only a mile and I could do it without causing some damage. I just wanted to loosen up before the 5K.

Saturday: Pi Day 5K (recap coming soon), 2.6 mile walk
I think running a race right off the bat was a good way to kick off training! My husband and I haven't run just a 5K since last June and we really missed the distance! It was warm and rainy and a bit flooded, but we had a great time! When we got home, I was feeling a little depressed (as almost all races make me), so my husband suggested we get out and do something. We walked around our neighborhood and it made me feel better.

I think my #1 goal for next week is more and better hydration! My run today was totally terrible, and I think it's because of that. Also, I've gone through all my Nuun, so I'm going to stock up at the store tonight. Here's to another week!