Saturday, April 25, 2015

Race Recap: Pi Day 5K

 Now that it's been over a month.... I guess I should write this and finally get it out of the way!

We did this race last year and thought it was fun, relaxed, and pretty low-key. However, the race is in Columbus (about 2 hours away) and most of the reason we did it last year was so we could visit my newborn nephew in the hospital afterward. I wasn't planning on doing this race again until I found out that the event was set up to coincide with the most nerdy moment this century. They scheduled the race for 3/14/15 at 9:26:53am (the first 10 digits of pi) and we just had to do it.

My husband and I hadn't run a 5K since last June. Now that we are strong enough to run farther distance races, I've been making sure we take advantage of it! I really started to miss 5Ks though. They are so quick and easy, and we can just run one whenever we want and not really have to train for it.

So we stayed at my parents' house the night before the race to cut our travel time in half. Since the race started a bit later, we got down there right when packet pickup started and had plenty of time to relax and eat breakfast. It was a really comfortable temperature, but really rainy.

pre-race. pre-downpour.

We started out pretty easy. My lovely cramping calves made their appearance again, and we had just started half marathon training again, so I wasn't feeling my strongest just yet.

The course was the same as last year, so I knew what to expect. Until we got to the flood.

It wasn't a huge section of course that was flooded, but it was kinda deep. Some people just ran through it, but most detoured. We were pretty solidly in the back of the pack, so a lot of people by us were walkers and other randos. I was about to just run through it when I realized I didn't have a change of shoes and had a long way to get home. So we just detoured like everyone else. Disappoint.

What I like about this course is that you can see the finish line and hear the music before you come around the final two corners. Both last year and this year, I knew when to kick it into the finish, and I really like how it's set up. Although the detour around the flood killed my time, we just wanted to get the distance in!

We grabbed our snacks and made our way out of the park pretty quickly. The original plan was to get at least halfway home before grabbing our traditional post-race Chipotle, but traffic was kind of bad getting out. So we just went to the closest one in Polaris.

Gotta love those Pi Day 5K medals! Last year, the digits of pi were designed to be a sun-catcher, and everyone loved it, so they made even more of it into a sun-catcher this year! As per usual, the medal is 3 1/4 inches. Newrds.

Not sure if we will do this race in the future, just because it's kind of far away. I have enjoyed this race though, so I would probably continue to do it if I lived in the area. It's just that there are other races closer to me that I've never done before and would like to try. Regardless, it was fun. I'm just glad that it was warm rain and not cold rain!

PS: No training recap this week! Will resume next week (i.e. in a couple days).

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Medina Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Soooooooooo behind on blogginggggggggggg. It's the end of the semester and I'm on super overload right now, so I apologize. Blogging is definitely on the back burner for the next 3 weeks. I also got a new laptop and I have a lot to transfer over. Real talk: the actual reason I'm just now posting is because it took me a couple days to get around to transferring over my little bee graphic at the top. Thanks, perfectionism.

I didn't get much running done last week. I delayed the previous week's long run until last Monday after Easter, and I needed a little bit of recovery. I did fit in a quick 3-miler in the middle of the week and had an awesome long run on Sunday!

And now I shall elaborate on the long run.

 I had 7 miles on the list for this week. I wanted to do it on Friday since I had the day off, but I kept putting it off because I wasn't feeling 100% due to some lady issues. On Sunday, I just decided to suck it up and get the miles done, good or bad. My husband and I had Chipotle for lunch before he left for a work trip to LA, and I hopped on the treadmill right after he left for the airport. I almost always get cramps in my calves at the 0.5 mile point that needs to be worked out over a couple miles, but I had no pain whatsoever! I'm swearing up and down that pre-run Chipotle and a giant iced tea is the reason my run went so well. May or may not be an excuse to eat even more Chipotle. Anyways, I have been coming up with run/walk strategies because I sure as heck cannot run 13.1 straight miles, and I always burn out too quickly. For this long run, I ran 0.4 miles and walked the 0.1 to make an even 1/2 mile. At two cycles per mile, it's super easy to keep track. I can also use the GPS watch I'm going to buy in order to keep myself consistent. So when race day comes around, I will actually have a game plan, unlike last time when I just randomly flailed until I got to the finish line.

Next up, I need to order my watch! For some reason, I feel reluctant to run outside without it just yet. And I need to start running outside as much as possible now! Here's to hopefully another lucky long run!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Medina Half Marathon Training: Week 4

So, I'm a day late posting this week's recap because, um, I just did my long run yesterday. #FAIL

Here's what I did this week!

Monday- 2 mile walk: After my husband and I got our new fitness bands, we've been super-aware of the activity (or lack thereof) we are getting in every day. Generally, the result is that we normally come up short, as I'm sure most people do. We have been going on walks together on non-running days when we find ourselves short on steps, and it has been really nice! A walk from our apartment down to the park and back is exactly 2 miles, so we like to do that.

Tuesday- 3 mile run: Done on the treadmill. I like to watch Netflix when I'm on the treadmill, so I started watching House of Cards. Thumbs up.

Wednesday- 2 mile walk: My husband and I went out to Lake Medina for the first time, and I am in love already! It's like 5 minutes from our apartment, it's a beautiful place, and you have the option of paved or gravel path! Although the gravel path gives you the nice view of the lake. I listened to my favorite 8tracks playlist {link here!} and had a wonderful opportunity to unwind.

Friday- 3 mile run: So, I had a huge Abnormal Psychology exam at 9:00am on Friday morning. And I was totally exhausted. With Easter stuff all weekend, I knew I had to do my long run that day, but I just felt like crap.

Like this.
I decided to just do 3 miles and try for the full 6 this weekend. And I'm glad I did, because those 3 miles did not feel awesome.

Monday- 6 mile run: Fast forward to yesterday. I didn't end up doing the long run over the weekend with Easter stuff going on. I know that I need to be better about doing my long runs on the same day each weekend, so I will work on that. At least I got it done! I felt okay, even though I did this on the treadmill due to pouring-down rain all day. I ended up watching Silver Linings Playbook for the 1st time while I was running, and it really helped distract me and keep me going!

Afterthought: I have been struggling with hydration for a long time. I'm pretty sure inadequate hydration has been affecting my running since I started. Good news is, now that I have my Fitbit, I can track my water intake easily! I have exceeded my water intake goal just about every single day, and it's making a huge difference! Hurrah for finally fixing a problem I've had for over a year!