Monday, August 25, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 9

Another so-so week. :(

I've been feeling a little burnt out with training the past few weeks, which has led to not doing as much running as I should.

However, I did get my 8 miles in yesterday! Tried to do it in the morning, but I accidentally overslept by an hour, so I had to split it up. I did 5 miles in the morning and 3 miles in the evening, both on the treadmill and while watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on blu-ray. I felt great other than some tendon issues and a blister, but I'm just so glad I made it.

In regards to the tendon issues, I have been experiencing pain in that big tendon on the back/outside of my left knee (I'm not a doctor, I don't know what its name is) every time I run more than 4 or 5 miles. It started hurting after my 5-miler, but a little ice and Aleve fixed it. I mostly felt okay during the last 3 miles, with the exception of one little twinge of pain. This has happened a lot lately, but it feels fine by the end of the day or the next day. I can't decide whether my stride is wrong, I'm putting too much sudden stress on it (not running frequently enough, then doing long runs), I have bad shoes, or I'm not warming up/stretching enough. Either way, it's making me super nervous for the race. When it starts to hurt, I HAVE to stop and walk. If that happens at mile 7 on race day, I'm effed. This week I am going to try hard to do more 3-milers during the week and stay loose.

In other news, my husband has moved past his burn-out phase and seems really ready to finish out strong. Which helped pull me out of the rut too! We are only 33 days away from running our first half marathon, and it's time to crack down. We're trying to be really strict about eating at home as much as possible and getting some more miles in each week.

Also, we're going to Salt Fork State Park with my husband's family next weekend for our annual Labor Day camping, so there will probably be some running happening there! It's always a great time and there's so much to do. Staying active won't be a problem... I just need to try not to eat a million s'mores. Like I am sometimes known to do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 8

Part of me is starting to feel like this training cycle is just... dragging... and will never... end...

So if you were looking for my week 8 recap yesterday- I'm sorry. I wanted to wait until today to post my Week 8 recap... BECAUSE IT'S MY FIRST RUNNERVERSARY!!! A year ago today I started training for my 1st 5k, which is just crazy to think about. I want to do a whole post on my first year of running at some point this week, but I just had to mention it. :)

It was an interesting week. I didn't get every workout in that I wanted to, but the ones I did went really well! Sometimes I judge my week based on the number of workouts I do rather than the quality of the ones I did, and I'm trying not to do that as much. Especially for a half marathon... if I were doing a full, it'd be a different story. The runs and workouts that really matter for this half marathon are going just fine. I'm confident that I'm going to make it across the finish line alive, so that's what really matters.

Schedule-wise, I was completely slammed this week! Work was nuts, I was busy from dawn to dusk all weekend, and my best friend's bridal shower was this week too! I helped the mother-of-the-bride plan it, which was fun, but we both went completely overboard and got pretty stressed about it. I also went to a fire department party and engaged in some shenanigans there, and babysat my nephews!


I would like to brag about a training 5k that I ran this week, which was 49 seconds faster than my 5k race PR! Yay! I wanted to start pushing the pace a little more, and this run definitely proved that I'm ready for it.

Overall, I'm just ready for training to be over. :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Akron Half Training: Week 7

Training is half over! Booooyaaaahhhhhh

Monday: 3 miles

This ended up being 1 fast mile and 2 moderate miles. I did my first mile at the track with the kids at work, then finished on the treadmill at home. It felt okay for the most part, but my hamstrings were kinda sore later in the evening and next day. 

Tuesday: easy 2 miles

I didn't have much time before work and I met a friend for dinner after work, but I got a couple miles in! My hamstrings were a little sore, so running at an easy pace seemed to help.

Wednesday: rest

Spent the day with my friend in Columbus again! Every time we need to do anything for her wedding, we usually just spend the entire day together. Today I had to pick up my bridesmaid dress from the salon.

Thursday: rest

Today's highlight was watching the Drum Corps International's quarterfinals live at the movie theater. We have gone the past few years to watch it, but it's like 4 and a half hours long. Kinda takes up your whole evening. Worth it though! I love DCI.

Friday: random run at work

I had no idea what I was going to do today. Ended up with a quick 4x200 with 200 recovery in between. I went at a pace that didn't completely kill my shins like my usual speedwork, so I'm happy about that!

Saturday: 45 mins ST

My family was visiting for the weekend, so I made sure to do my strength early in the day! Also, I definitely went a little too hard because I was really sore... Great workout though. I did abs, resistance band, and kettlebell.

Sunday: 7 miles

This. Was. Ridiculous. First of all, I picked a route that I found on Runkeeper that happened to pass right by my apartment and was just shy of 7 miles. Did not even think to look closely at the elevation. Secondly, the farthest I've ever run at one time is a 10k so this was going to be my longest run ever. Thirdly, I was still stiff and sore from the previous day. My husband and I woke up super early and got out there. And for a while, we felt pretty good! Then the hills started happening. Turns out, the route was nothing but hills, with the exception of a few short stretches. Oh, and the last 2 miles were unpaved (also hilly) gravel/dirt trail through the woods. The tendons on the back of my knees were just killing me by the time we made it to the trail, so needless to say, my total times for the run were like... bad. I tried to take it easy because the last time I ran more than 6 miles, I was injured for 2 weeks and I can't afford that. Hills and trails are good for training, but I wasn't ready for 7 miles of it. But hey, we made it! Afterward, we had an awesome breakfast with our families at the local diner, a short nap, and a pool party that lasted the rest of the day! It was so nice to just lay in the pool and recover.

For the record, I have no idea how people work and have kids and run 10 miles every other day like it's nothing. I dragged my ass 7 miles and was completely useless the rest of the day. Like I know I'm out of shape, but this can really suck sometimes. Regardless, I think I had a great week, and I'm glad I finished my long run! I can't wait to see what the second half of training will bring!